Raw Diet Healthfully

How to Live on a 100% Raw (Vegetarian) Diet Healthfully


This article has been set up from Volume II of "In Search of the Ultimate (Vegetarian) Diet", additionally called "Revelation of the Ultimate (Vegetarian) Diet". [See BOOKS list.] In setting up the chapter by chapter list,I was amazed to find that on four separate events, I had tried the 100% crude food diet effectively on the mice I remember for this article these eating regimens and the ends came to and are satisfied that the outcomes were checked four distinct occasions, which just reinforces and approves the ends.


On 1/9/83 through 2/15/83, I put six mice for a sum of 35 days on a 100 % crude veggie lover diet comprising of crude organic products, green vegetables, nuts, seeds (sunflower and incidental hulled sesame), dried lentils, grains (for the most part wheat and millet), in addition to crude tubers (potatoes and periodic sweet potato). Nothing else was included. One of the mice brought forth thirteen solid children. There were no disfigurements and no human flesh consumption, which at the time I ascribed to the new greens (external icy mass lettuce leaves and intermittent carrot departs).
Diet Healthfully
I inferred that people could securely live on this unfired diet for right around three years - the 30:1 proportion of 35 days for mice being identical to 35 months for people.


On 4/2/84 through 4/17/84, I put one confine of mice on a 100% crude vegandiet for an aggregate of fifteen days comprising of vegetables (mung beans and lentils, splashed and grew), horse feed sprouts, sunflower seeds, new oldfashioned corn, and vegetables (Savoy cabbage, Romaine lettuce, and carrottops).

They love the entirety of the fledglings. They dispose of the skins of the fledgling shoots. Their first inclination is the mung, at that point the lentils which they love, and the sunflower. The horse feed sprouts they like least.

The mice are solid, cheerful, and have a voracious craving. All the mice appear to be in great wellbeing with amazing spirits and vitality. I gave them some solidified old fashioned corn. At the point when I gave them wheatgrass multiple times (seven inches) in length, they didn't give off an impression of being intrigued, since just two of them snacked a little on it. Numerous mice look pregnant and most appear to put on more weight and getting full. One mouse conceived an offspring.
Since I was worried that the mice may be gorging of protein so as to get enough of the starches on this eating regimen without grains (without checking the new corn, a weakened type of grains), and furthermore as a result of their voracious hunger which demonstrated to me that maybe they required more sugars, to the above confine I included grain just because, wheat drenched for the time being and marginally grew. The fifteen days on this crude eating routine showed that a human could securely live on this in an amazing weight reduction diet and one that could turn around malignant growth (some disease cases switched on a 100% crude eating routine - see "Elective Cancer Therapies" association situated in New York). I likewise gavethem crude, doused, hulled buckwheat groats (kasha), which they delighted in. The mice are alert, moving quicker than previously. Numerous guys are pursuing females, huge numbers of whom am presently pregnant. I feed the mice two suppers every day as follows:(a) Beginning with Savoy cabbage, Romaine, carrot tops (horse feed grows sporadically) trailed by 1/2 plum tomato. After fifteen minutes I give one bunch every one of both mung and lentil sprouts for around forty mice.

b) at night, I give similar vegetables once more, trailed by sunflower and wheat sprouts (two bunches). Once in a while, I give them plain popcorn as atreat, which I make myself (they are excited about popcorn). The mice go wild for washed, granulated kelp, however appear to be impartial in wheatgrass. I gave washed dulse leaves to two enclosures, yet they enjoyed the kelp better. The man in the pet shop said that mice required salt in their eating routine and on the off chance that they didn't get it, they would rip apart the others to get the salt from their blood. I offered kelp to keep away from this. I gave crude, new white potato, which they wouldn't eat, however they like crude sweet potatoes. The mice are cautious and move quicker than those in different pens. Some take flying jumps over the pen now. They have a gigantic craving for grew or doused vegetables and grains, and they eat less vegetables.
On July 20, 1985, a fire was caused in my kitchen by a broken machine. When the firefighters wrapped up the kitchen and cutting an opening in the rooftop; everything was in finished confusion. Luckily, the overwhelming smoke was to a great extent halted by a divider that kept it from slaughtering the mice in a bordering lounge. I was glad to find that no passings had occurred. Since my kitchen was faulty, I halted all cooking and put all pens that were eating grains on a 100% crude eating regimen comprising of crude grains (generally wheat, and so on.) which had been drenched for the time being, and doused or grown lentils, alongside lettuce leaves and intermittent carrot departs - fundamentally three to four nourishments. Presently, it's right around a quarter of a year later and all theconfines getting the crude grains and lentils flourished pleasantly. These three months or ninety days would rise to ninety months or seven and a half years in a human equal. Hence, it appears to be likely that people ought to have the option to live on crude, doused for the time being (24 hours) grains and vegetables. Two mice in two of the pens are exceptionally fat and fat. From the outset, I thought they were pregnant, yet it's been too long along these lines. It's outright weight and this on a 100% crude eating routine solely for around seven and a half years in human equivalency.

Testing a 100 % crude veggie lover diet of lentil sprouts, sunflower sprouts, new corn, and greens (lettuce, carrot departs, etc.)My point here was to attempt to discover an eating regimen of 100% crude nourishments that the mice and similarly people could live on that would give all the components expected to phenomenal wellbeing, liberated from any lacks which perpetually appeared to emerge in practically the entirety of the most mainstream suggested crude food regimens. Additionally, since a large portion of the books composed by elective wellbeing specialists suggested the utilization of a 100% crude veggie lover diet as the underlying stage in endeavoring to switch disease, it was by all accounts the most ideal approach to start the quest for a perfect crude food program. I started this eating regimen by giving this confinement of around twenty mice with new lettuce leaves (for the most part external chunk of ice and sporadically Romaine) and intermittent carrot departs, doused for the time being lentils, and unroasted sunflower seeds just as old fashioned corn. These nourishments were allowed two times every day in two suppers.
Now, I was fulfilled and persuaded that the mice could have stayed on this routine inconclusively, however, I would have changed it up of nuts and other extra vegetables, and so on. In any case, since for people, 37 months was all that anyone could need time to turn around numerous if not most obsessive conditions, I concluded it is ideal to include crude, drenched grainsto stay away from a potential over-burden of protein (in vegetables) and fat (in the sunflower seeds). I might not be right in this, yet a patient of mine said she felt more grounded when she added grains to her crude nut, naturalproduct, and vegetable eating regimen, which caused me to choose to take astab at including grains. By and by, I inferred that this eating routine had been finished in all specifics for that timeframe, up until this point.

On the 37th day, I included doused grains (short-term, for example, rye, earthy colored rice, hulled millet (which they wanted to rye).

10/18/85: Today is the seventh day straight of added doused grains to the former eating regimen and they've been eating the earthy colored rice and millet (crude, drenched) with the splashed crude lentils. I quit drenching the sunflower seeds and offer it to the dry and crude. 10/22/85: They love these nourishments and it is currently the eleventh day on this additional grain diet. It is likewise the seventh day that I've been

10/24/85: Today is the thirteenth day of included grains and the ninth day wherein the splashed earthy colored rice is the main grain. I found the principal demise today. All mice look exceptionally sound and some are pregnant. The house mice who have gotten away from adoration the splashed rice and follow it regardless of where I put it, regardless of whether I hang it up in a sack on a string. For quite a while now they've been eating my crude, dried earthy colored rice in the containers. I caught six mice todayin a pen and put them free in the road.

10/27/85: Today is the sixteenth day of included grains and the twelfth day wherein the earthy colored rice is the main grain. Today I found a subsequentdead mouse and its body was unblemished and uneaten. The climate was brilliant today. The reasons for these two passings were shown. 11/10/85: Today is the 30th day of included grain. A third passing happened. The rest look sound.

11/12/85: Today is the 32nd day of included grain. A fourth passing happened. The rest look sound. 11/19/85: Today is the 39th day of included grain. A fifth passing happened. The rest look sound.

11/27/85: Today is the 47th day of included grain. A 6th passing happened. The rest look sound.
oday I heard that when pigeons eat dried rice, it develops in their stomachs and causes their passing. Since my mice in this pen have been eating the natural shaded rice as their lone sugar grain, this may very well be the explanation behind these passings. The sixth destruction occurred considering the way that last night was particularly cold. (A later test where Igave ground dry rice as a grain caused a couple of passings which appeared to confirm this.) Since the rice was their primary grain for 43 days, five passings were close to no pondering that they were on this rough, unadulterated, vegetarian diet for 47 days and 37 going before without grain, totaling 84 days of both solidified, a human similarity 84 months or seven years. Another factor to be considered is the nonappearance of Vitamin B12 and Vitamin D in their eating routine for this broad stretch, which could have been an explanation behind these five passings; the primary beginning after the 50th day of this unadulterated vegetarian diet, which, for individuals, would have been the 50th month.
All realities considered, I've reached the decision that this 100% crude, veggie lover program is a strong reason for a sheltered, total protein and finely-adjusted perfect, crude food diet, which could be utilized for a considerable length of time if vital for
(a) an endurance diet under starvation conditions;
(b) as a starting eating routine for weight reduction and numerous neurotic conditions; and
(c) with the incorporation of extra assortment in grains, vegetables, seeds, nuts, it could be generally fulfilling, and with the expansion of some dairy or eggs, fish, or other creature food, it could give all variables to cover every substantial need (B12, Vitamin D, and so forth.). Some natural products may securely be included just as different starches, for example, potatoes, corn, sweet potatoes, squash, and so on.
I trait my mice being bigger and more advantageous than his to the accompanying reasons: 1) his mice were taken care of mice chow only - no new vegetable greens, no cheddar or eggs, while mine had every one of these nourishments; 2) the mice in confine No.1 which I kept on the 84 days aggregate of the crude food veggie lover diet look wonderful, enormous, all around created, sound, dynamic, and a few looked pregnant. These mice on their crude eating regimen of doused grains splashed lentils, sunflower seeds(dry and drenched) and lettuce leaves (with periodic carrot tops) and of late dry millet (hulled) look superior to any of the other enclosure mice, while different pens had a day by day store cheddar added to their weight control plans.
Note that I accept this 100% crude eating regimen, for people, should be possible effectively even without the utilization of grains if so wanted. Be that as it may, with the expansion of crude egg yolk, and perhaps crude milk cheddar or Ricotta (or rather than cheddar, a modest quantity of crude or steamed fish more than once per seven days stretch of around 3 1/2 to 4 oz. a serving), we ought to have an extremely crude eating regimen, or close to one. Potentially 10 - 15% cooked grains and vegetables could be remembered for this program with incredible advantage for the individuals who experience issues in putting on weight and quality on a 100% crude eating routine.(The expansion of the egg yolk, cheddar, or fish is to give the B12 and Vitamin D factors, alongside unsaturated fats, hormonal substances, and up 'til now obscure substances which they contain.)

To the essential crude eating routine as an establishment, natural product, different vegetables, other extra starches, grains, vegetables, and different nourishments might be changed it up and included sustenance.
1.  For minerals: salads, lettuce (Romaine, etc.) carrot leaves, kelp, grass juice.
2.  Fats: nuts, seeds (sunflower, pumpkin, sesame), flaxseed (1-2 tbs. a day).
3.  Carbohydrate (simple sugars): Fruit, eight to twenty oz. (or 24 oz. maximum, for melons); bananas, four to six maximum.
4.  Carbohydrate (complex): These to be used with legumes (or dairy or fish) for complementary complete proteins (raw, soaked overnight, or slightly sprouted grains) hulled buckwheat, wheat, triticale, rye, oats, rice polishings,raw wheat germ, corn, yam.
5.  Complete protein foods (animal): eggs (1-2) or fish (1 to 3 1/2 oz. maximum) can be immersed in boiling water for six seconds then eaten (can be marinated in lemon juice overnight to kill microbes); clams, oysters (1/2 dozen or 3 1/2 oz maximum); dairy products; bee pollen (1 tbs to several ozs.).6.  Vegetable proteins that need to be complemented by grains or seeds or nuts to be complete proteins include legumes - mung beans or lentils or others (use 1/3 to 2/3 cup or 1 1/2 oz. to 4 oz.) You may soak overnight or sprout. Nuts or seeds - (sunflowers, pumpkin, or hulled sesame) 1 to 3 oz. These can be complemented with legumes (1 or 2 oz. legumes with 1 to 2 oz. nuts or seeds).
Brewer's Yeast: 1 tbs. greatest (will supplement grains);
Ocean growth: kelp, dulse, others (1 tbs. to 1 oz. most extreme);
Tubers: sweet potato, potato, chestnuts;
Oil: flaxseed (best), virgin olive oil (1to 2 tbs. greatest for the afternoon);
Herbs: new or dried basil, dill, parsley, garlic; Young coconut.