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Remarkable Recoveries From Severe Health Problems
Booklet about how different raw juices and diets have been used for disease healing in medical research and clinically. Information you can use to gain a complete understanding of how the human body works in health and disease.
this booklet as required reading for his patients - to give an introduction to drug-free natural healing
It is possible to learn from this booklet how to easily recover from almost any disease in relatively short time
It presents how raw diets and juices have been used and tested clinically in medical institutions for over a century
From the Average Diet to Superior Nutrition in 7 Weekly Programs ("How to become a vegetarian")
A simple and easy way to reach a high-quality vegetarian diet (including dairy and eggs) from a conventional diet by 7 gradually-progressing weekly diets. Many people from around the world have written to me stating that their health problems disappeared in a few weeks to months just by following this book.

Ideal Health Through Sequential Eating (Perfection in Food Combining)
A simple method of eating which leads to maximum digestion, absorption and assimilation (which eliminates gas, belching and heartburn). It is based upon scientific and proven research (published in Howell's "Textbook of Physiology") which has been overlooked and is largely unknown. Maimonides was the first physician to mention it. It has been tested for over 50 years and proven to be the highest approach in food combining by Natural Hygiene doctors such as Dr. Cursio, Dr. Jack Mega, Dr. Marvin Telmar, Dr. Jack Goldstein, myself and other practitioners.

In Search of the Ultimate (Vegetarian) Diet - Volume I. --- (Testing Nutritional Theories on Mice)
Quote: "As a believer in raw food vegetarianism myself, I feel a moral imperative to share the disturbing, surprising results of my experiments with mice." - This book is based upon lectures given by Dr. Bass comprising the first two years of a 4 year research project undertaken by him - the thrilling story of how he investigated and tested all the theories and diets advocated by writers and practitioners in the field of vegetarian Natural Health. The result especially revealed the dangers of fruitarianism. Quotes: "Since the average fruitarian cheats, he doesn't know that his diet doesn't work."   "Small adjustments in the vegan (all-vegetarian) raw diet ... to avoid slowly developing but disastrous health problems."
Hundreds of mice were used to test diets such as the vegan, fruitarian, vegetarian, lacto-vegetarian, ovo-vegetarian, raw diets, cooked diet, other diets and variations, periodic fasting and longevity, juice programs, all-raw vs. cooked Natural Hygiene diets.
Accompany Dr. Bass on a fascinating journey, one which is comparable to testing theories of nutrition on what is the equivalent of 120 years of nutritional experiments on hundreds of humans.

Discovery of the Ultimate (Vegetarian) Diet / [In Search of the Ultimate (Vegetarian) Diet - Volume II.] --- (Testing Nutritional Theories on Mice)
Follow Dr. Bass step by step to the conclusion of "In Search of the Ultimate (Vegetarian) Diet". The tale of all the tests and retests in choosing the best vegetarian diets, the best aspect of each diet, and eliminating all weaknesses in each. After 14 years of much painstaking work testing 50 diets and 65 related diets - the discovery of 4 ultimate diets - the safest and ideal raw food diet, cooked food diet, etc. The information will give the reader knowledge to arrange any type of a diet which will lead to superb health - proven by living creatures, beyond theoretical guesswork - something which is impossible to arrive at by book study or experience with human patients alone. - Quote: "... we have now arrived at the knowledge of how to design nutritional programs, which in my opinion will be able to reverse some of the most advanced pathologies which presently plague long-suffering mankind."
The Laws of Life
A simplified yet complete interpretation of the Laws of Life which will give you a clear understanding of the causes of disease and health, not taught in medical colleges. Through understanding these basic laws, you can evaluate the true causes of illness and can chart a lifestyle for yourself which is synchronized with Nature and leads to peace of mind, vibrant health and happiness.
Quote: "Strange as it may seem, the philosophy of "Natural Hygiene" was evolved (appr. 150 years ago), mostly by medical doctors who concluded that the philosophy and practice of medicine are an incorrect approach to health care. These medical practitioners came to the reasoned conclusion that there were natural laws which governed human life, and when these laws were applied, health could be both maintained and recovered if lost."
Read an excerpt from the "Laws of Life": click here

Overcoming Compulsive Habits
How to overcome compulsive habits, based upon a lifetime of study and personal experience of Oriental and Western philosophy, psychology and yoga. All methods were tested, choosing only the very best and most practical methods of self-mastery and self-understanding. It explains the relationship between energy, feeling and thought, how to eliminate bad habits and create good ones through understanding the laws of mind involved, meditation and visualization techniques, and embraces a wide variety of information related to stress elimination, physical and mental health and happiness.

Natural Health and Nutrition - Condensed Natural Hygiene Nutrition CourseThese lessons were organized and used by Dr. Bass at "The Life Science Health Haven" in Woodridge, N.Y. for several years as part of the curriculum of a training course in vegetarian Natural Hygiene for students.

The Eye of Revelation (The 5 Tibetan Rites of Rejuvenation).
Reproduction of the original unedited book by Peter Kelder, 1939. An edited version of this book exists, "Ancient Secrets of the Fountain of Youth" - Dr. Bass searched for the original all over because of his interest in the missing nutritional chapter - and finally found an old copy of the original book. Why? Because what you eat and don't eat is very important for successful mind and body exercises, e.g. meditation. (Ever wondered why Jesus fasted 40 days?)
Describes the Five Tibetan Rites of Rejuvenation, which stimulate the 7 subtle energy centers along the spine called Chakras, making the practitioner feel dramatically revitalized and rejuvenated.
Dr. Bass first published the complete original text of "Five Tibetan Rites of Rejuvenation" in Chet Day's "Health and Beyond" newsletter, from where it gained popularity on the web. The version sold on this website, see above, has the added nutritional information.