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Preventing Cellulite - the Diet Solution


This article contains the core of his methods, of the nourishments he viewed as of the highest caliber, eaten in the perfect succession for greatest processing, ingestion, digestion, and obsession in the cells of the body - while simultaneously tobe effectively consolidated for most extreme use.


The food plan brought about by Dr. Cursio and his partners isn't progressive from the start. What is surprising is the request wherein the nourishment are eaten.

in a consistent, undeviating arrangement, complying with a "profoundly evolved arrangement of food mixes that must not be modified at all."
Food Plan
Called consecutive or "layered" eating, the program is intended to moderate the vitality utilized by the body for the processing and retention of nourishments - so as to boost the vitality required for mending, fix, and the disposal of squanders or poisons (the crude materials of cellulite). It likewise guarantees that no anxieties or uneven characters come about because of eating basically inconsistent nourishments, or excessively complex ones at an inappropriate time.

A gathering of examination researchers at Columbia University has discovered proofthat dinner is processed by the body in the specific request it is eaten - each nutrition class, in turn, paying little heed to its multifaceted nature or amount. As indicated by the hypothesis, in the event that you begin with a generally focused food that enjoys quite a while to reprieve down, trailed by something that takes just a fraction of the time - the processing of the subsequent food will be postponed and it will begin to mature and decay - losing a lot of its dietary benefit.

So as to forestall this, the Natural Hygiene Food Plan depends on a basic principle: You for the most part start your supper with newly arranged vegetable juice, for example, carrot, celery, cucumber, tomato, or a blend of these. At that point, you follow with a mixed or serving of mixed greens - nourishments that are quickly dealtwith by the body. (Dr. Cursio leans towards the semi-fluid mixed plate of mixed greens since it is at first simpler to process, and along these lines to a lesser extent a body vitality customer.) Next, you present an increasingly mind-boggling food, for example, a crude, unpeeled natural product, trailed by a progressively thought one - nuts, cheddar, or eggs, comprising of fats, proteins, sugars, and entangled nucleic acids. Consequently, you permit your body to separate moderately "quick," basic nourishments first, at that point progress to levels of expanding trouble - all to guarantee the most proficient and least inefficient osmosis of supplements.


Expecting that the Natural Hygiene Food Plan prevails with regards to protecting vitality, how can it explicitly help free the assemblage of harmful squanders and refine the framework? How can it dispose of cellulite?

"It's fundamentally a two-crease process," Dr. Cursio clarifies. "Initially, individuals who follow this arrangement are permitted a moderately high number of calories - but then they continue to get more fit nearly when they start. Why? In spite of the fact that they ingest this food, they don't acclimatize quite a bit of it - at any rate at first. They aren't completely ready to consolidate these in an unexpected way inferred supplements into their cells or weight in light of their own past, imbued example of eating and utilizing nourishments. Furthermore, the body responds by beginning to "catabolize" or separate its old, since a long time ago held deposits of amassed squanders and second-rate tissues - and cellulite begins to vanish."

What occurs after you become molded to the new system? "I have seen numerous patients lose from 10 to 40 pounds, and afterward, subsequent to arriving at their legitimate weight, they begin picking up on the equivalent or even a lesser measureof food," reports Dr. Cursio. "So, we need to alter the amounts so as to guarantee that they keep up their ideal weight.

"From predictable and persuading clinical experience, we realize that this eating routine outcome in weight reduction as well as sanitize and fortifies body tissues and our normal barriers against infection. We have over and again watched individuals with a wide scope of disarranges - including cellulite or diet-safe fat - show signs of improvement after carefully following this program. Skin tone improves, dissemination turns out to be progressively proficient, hormonal yields are adjusted, force increments. As the body's imperativeness is upgraded and its abilities are improved, the purifying or "detoxifying" of its tissues follows as a characteristic side-effect - it just occurs."

Researchers can't completely clarify why however some trust it chips away at the standard of self-vaccination: Foods themselves neither scrub nor dirty our bodies.

But instead, the best possible ones ate in a non-unpleasant grouping help make an exceptionally ideal inner condition, in which the body can basically keep up or recover itself and right its own irregular characteristics.
As anyone might expect, "toning it down would be ideal" applies with a specific significance to the Natural Hygiene Food Plan. "Eat sparingly and recollect that amount is exceptionally significant," looks after Dr. Cursio, "in any event, when you're eating just healthy nourishments. An excess of cheddar, organic product, such a large number of nuts can strain your framework and meddle with its appropriate working. Also, clearly, so will anything outsider, counterfeit or unwholesome."

While another enemy of cellulite consumes fewer calories stress enormous amountsof protein, Dr. Cursio's program cautiously constrains the sum. "As a country, we devour about double the protein we need," he calls attention to. "Studies have indicated that the overconsumption of proteins and everything being equal, as a rule, can really abbreviate human life. Abundances are either disposed of or put away - and the two procedures help exhaust the collection of essential vitality."

With respect to fluids: Many weight control plans planned for forestalling or dispensing with cellulite prescribe drinking 6 to 8 glasses of water a day so as to help "flush" out the framework. Dr. Cursio accepts this is an unreasonable sum sincewater is as of now provided in wealth by-products of the soil. He exhorts drinking at whatever point you feel parched - the body's common sign that we need water - however never during suppers. Fluids of any sort weaken food to an extreme and meddle with stomach related chemicals and discharges. At supper time, they can likewise widen and swell the stomach.
As in practically any eating routine, a few nourishments are carefully taboo on the Natural Hygiene Food Plan, among them, salt, pepper, sugar (aside from common sources), spread, cream, liquor, sodas (counting low-calorie assortments) and frozenyogurt. Likewise, no-no is yogurt, curds, entire milk, spinach, asparagus, onions, andgarlic.

Most specialists concur that the abuse of salt contributes altogether to cellulite among different conditions since it will in general reason water maintenance in the tissues. Along these lines, abstain from adding salt to food, and avoid those containing liberal amounts - canned soups, smoked or handled meats, potato servings of mixed greens, pickles, and so forth. - just as flavorings, for example, celery or garlic salt and such.

Despite the fact that new, crude spinach and asparagus are plentiful in nutrients and iron, they contain oxalic corrosive, a substance which (incomprehensibly) meddles with the ingestion and osmosis of iron by the stomach related framework. Garlic and onion are unfortunate since they contain mustard oil - a fixing that disturbs the activity of certain stomach related chemicals. Dr. Cursio accepts that yogurt is a "healthfully misrepresented" food: ("The normal bacterial/aging procedure that outcomes in yogurt really makes it coagulate and break down its own milk protein - so we get no genuine profit by it.") He likewise encourages grown-ups to keep away from entire milk and curds since we don't have the "vital enzymic cosmetics" to sour (digest) their type of protein. Nonetheless, cheeses like ricotta and mozzarella - ideally unsalted - as of now contain the chemicals that basically help "digest" them for us before we eat them.

Dr. Cursio proposes eating yolks just as opposed to entire eggs on the grounds that the egg white contains avidin - a substance that decimates biotin, a significant individual from the nutrient B complex. Carefully restricted are included oils and fatssince satisfactory measures of these happen normally in cheeses, egg yolks, and nuts - all pillars on the eating plan. However much as could be expected, oils ought to be cold-squeezed (accessible in wellbeing food stores) - without compound addedsubstances and unaltered by heat. Continuously store them in a cool spot to keep them from getting rank.
Dr. Cursio himself treats and directs just the individuals who are "mentally arranged" enough to give up their previous eating examples and inclinations. As a matter of fact, they must be either dedicated veggie lovers or in any case exceptionally energetic at the start to encounter the least change issues with this 2-week program which comprises of crude organic products, dim verdant green vegetables, vegetable juices, eggs, nuts, cheddar, and entire grains. In any case, fordeep-rooted meat-eaters, such an exceptional changeover might be ridiculous and unworkable - in any event at first. Hence, however, he himself doesn't suggest it, a few individuals from Dr. Cursio's staff have structured an adjusted 2-week plan that may differ, contingent upon your condition of status.

(Note: Consult your PCP first before following these or some other food plans.) On the off chance that you carefully follow Dr. Cursio's program, you ought to hope to get in shape, refine your framework and take care of your cellulite issue at a quicker rate than if you incorporate chicken or new water fish in your day by day diet. In the event that meat is your main wellspring of protein, hope to accomplish results at the slowest pace of all. To limit this disadvantage, maintain a strategic distance from meat and pork for child sheep and veal, both generally low in fat and effectively edible. Be that as it may, even on the adjusted program, each supper ought to incorporate new leafy foods; fish, poultry or meat ought to be eaten close to once per day, and ideally every other day. On different occasions, have a go at having a gourmet veggie-lover forte -, for example, a flavorful lentil portion or greenpeppers with entire grain rice. Sooner or later, predicts Dr. Cursio, your stamped improvement in wellbeing and looks will be the inspiration for your proceeding with the program, and in any event, advancing to a progressively taught system.
8 ozs. fresh vegetable juice*
12 ozs. blended salad*
12 ozs. fresh fruit
1 egg yolk* (boiled or poached)
8 ozs. fresh vegetable juice
8 ozs. blended salad* (optional, but try for I week if possible)
8 ozs. fresh fruit
1 whole egg* (boiled or poached)
(celery and carrots, or cucumber and tomato)
Proportions: 6 ozs. celery or cucumber juice
2 ozs. carrot or tomato juice.
Use a vegetable juice extractor, if possible. Never peel vegetables: simply scrub with a brush under cold running water. Since juices are very sensitive to air, you should drink them immediately after extraction. If you do not own a juicer, you can add the celery and carrots to your day's blended salad or eat them along with your meals.

1 each small tomato, red or green pepper
1/2 small cucumber
1 tbsp. nutritional yeast
I tsp. cold-pressed oil (optional)
Juice of
½ lemon or lime
5-6 leaves romaine lettuce
3-4 stalks celery or fresh fennel, chopped
Place cut up pieces of tomato, pepper and cucumber along with yeast, oil and lemon juice into blender. (Nutritional yeast, available in health-food stores, is particularly flavorful.) Blend until smooth and liquid. Add romaine leaves one at a time. Add celery or fennel; blend additional 2-3 minutes. (The consistency depends upon personal taste: some like it smooth and watery, others thick and crunchy.)

Eggs should be purchased in a health-food store: You want fertilized eggs from chickens fed organic feed and not anti-biotics.
To cook: Boil or poach for a maximum of 3 to 4 minutes. Eat only the yolk. (Those on the modified plan may eat the whole egg.)

All nuts should be in their natural state-raw and unsalted (almonds, cashews, peanuts, filberts). You may substitute nut butter (unsalted) for your daily allowance of nuts using the same weight: 2 ozs. nut butter equals 2 ozs. raw nuts.

Since most cheeses contain large quantities of salt you will have to choose from unsalted varieties. The finest of this type cheese - Cheddar or Muenster - is made by Kutter's Dairy, 857 Main Road, Corfu, N.Y., and can be ordered directly from them in 5-pound blocks. Call 585-599-3693, ask for Tony or Dick Kutter and say that Drs. Bass & Penepent referred you and that you want Dr. Cursio's cheese. (1-2006) Second best is unsalted, homemade mozzarrella - fresh - available at pasta and cheese stores or any shop that specializes in Italian products. Another Italian specialty, ricotta cheese, is also an excellent-tasting and nutritious choice.
If you substitute ricotta for your daily allowance, you are permitted 6 ozs. - twice the amount of hard cheese.
If you are on the modified plan and are unable to make the change to unsalted cheeses, choose from low-salt or mild varieties like Jarlsberg, Gouda, Swiss, Gruyere, Emmenthaler, Tilsit and Muenster.

Vegetables should be bought as fresh and crisp as possible and stored in a cool dark place. Do not soak them - just wash and scrub thoroughly under cold running water. Do not peel unless absolutely necessary.
To cook: Steam in just enough water so that little or no liquid is left and vegetables are crisp yet tender.
For a vegetable plate, steam 2 or more of the following: broccoli, string beans, butternut squash, acorn squash, zucchini, eggplant, green peas, snow peas, Chinese cabbage, okra, corn, carrots, cauliflower, artichokes, escarole, turnips, rutabaga, beets (roots only).

These include lentils, lima beans, soybeans and chickpeas. All should be purchased from a health-food store, raw and dried, not canned, jarred or frozen.
To prepare: Soak legumes overnight in cold water.
To cook: Use 12 ozs. water for every 4 ozs. legumes (measured when dry). Bring water to a boil, add legumes, lower heat, cover pot and cook slowly (about 15 minutes) until tender.
You may want to use part of your oil allowance mixed with a bit of lemon juice and yeast to make an interesting sauce. You can even toss in tomato, red pepper or fresh fennel for new tastes. In place of legumes, you may substitute 4 ozs. brown rice or whole-wheat pasta, or 2 slices whole-grain bread or 8-12 ozs. potatoes.

Use 2 tbsps. (maximum) cold-pressed oil per day. Olive oil is recommended - peanut and corn oil are also acceptable.