Physical Agents and Intoxication's

"Diseases" Due to Physical Agents and Intoxications

"Disease Due to Physical Agents and Intoxications" is the characterization of the expressions of love we will examine in this section. We will cover the poisonings first and the physical operators last.

It would be inconceivable, in the extent of this book, to manage all poisonings to which man is subject. We expect to manage however one "illness" not ordinarily classed under this head, of hypersensitivity, at the same time, we want to call attention to that all harms produce manifestations — "infections" — and ought to be evaded. The "clinical" calling is hectically occupied with harming the well and the debilitated at the entire hours of the day and night and are, along these lines, answerable for much affliction. The accompanying citation gives a minor trace of the harm they do with their a great many toxic substances.

Science Digest, Aug. 1937, conveyed a shortened republish of an article by the Right Hon. Master Border, K.C.V.O., doctor to the King of England, entitled"Old Diseases and New," in which be says: "There are maladies which are theimmediate consequence of current treatment. There is the thing that we call serum affliction for instance, which frequently trails the infusion of serum gotfrom the pony, with respect to diphtheria or lockjaw.
Physical Agents and Intoxications
There are sicknesses that follow the utilization of X-beams and radium. Thereare impacts following the utilization of various medications, both inorganic and natural. We may do a ligament a lot of good by infusing him with the arrangement of gold, yet the metal may upset the framework and set up another malady.

"We may free a man's tissues from gout by methods for a medication called atropine, and give him an ailment of the liver. We may aid the mending of a gastric ulcer by the escalated utilization of alkalies, and actuate an illness called alkalosis. Insulin keeps the measure of sugar coursing in diabetic bloodat a legitimate level. In any case, an overdose may diminish the sugar underneath ordinary and result in a very much perceived sickness."

Agranulocytosis or granulocytopenia, the two words demonstrating an abatement or complete vanishing of the granulated white cells of the blood, a condition that has incredibly expanded as of late, is brought about by various medications, the best guilty party of which is pyramidal, or amidopyrine, a toxic substance contained in such exclusive and patent "meds" as Allonal, Peralta, Hexin, Amidol, Cibalgine, Pyraminal, Neonal, Midol, Novalgin, Amido-Neonal, Amarbital, Amidophen, Amidos, Aminol, Amypyron, Amita, Analgia, Anatabs, Barmaid, Barb-Amid, Bromphenamid, Cinchopyrine, Compral, Dymen, Dyaskalmo, Lydia Pinkham's Tablets, Menalgesia, Mylin, Nod, Phenamidol, Pyramid on, and so on.


Definition: This is the highbrow term for serum poisoning or protein poisoning. Any protein introduced into the body through other channels than the digestive tract is rank poison. All serums and vaccines are foreign proteins and therefore poisonous. Anaphylaxis follows every use of all serums.

Symptoms: These might be gentle or serious. In its mildest structure, there might be justfretfulness, heat, and hurting in the appendages, or there might be a gentle urticarial rash. Different skin appearances follow the utilization of serums. Despite the fact that these are predominantly urticarial (bother rash) in character, they may take after practically any type of skin rash. Frequently progressive yields of ejections will follow one another, these normally polymorphic (introducing numerous or various structures) in character. The skin ejections and every other side effect are in the direct extent to the measure of serum infused. Once in awhile the ejections are huge, similar to bubbles. Serum infusions produce disquietude (anxiety and inconvenience), fever, skin ejections, expansion of lymph organs (glandular irritation), leucopenia (a lessening of the number of white platelets), expanding, torment, fever, and solidness in the joints, edema (amassing of serum in the cell tissues), albuminuria, (egg whites in the pee), summed up tingling, seizures followed by opisthotonos (an uncontrollable inflexibility of the body where the storage compartment is tossed in reverse and curved upward), cyanosis (blueness because of circulatory disability), dyspnea (troublesome breathing), total respiratory disappointment, sickness, heaving, hacking, stifling, blacking out, enlargement of the understudies, loss of motion, craziness, aggravation of the heart, every now and again changeless hindrance of the heart, breakdown, demise. Demise now and again happens immediately, on different occasions, a couple of moments to a couple of hours to a couple of days after vaccination.

Enormous vesicles loaded up with clear fluid may follow extreme irritations over and around seeing infusion. "Disturbing breakdown" and quick passing are not rare. Nearby edema and, in the end, neighborhood rot now and againhappen. In creatures, where these things have been thoroughly contemplated, the blood is incredibly adjusted. The blood loses a lot of its coagulability, in some cases practically all intensity of coagulation being lost.There is a fall in circulatory strain, pallor of the mind, automatic voiding of pee, and defecation, incredible strong shortcoming, and a lessening of white cells and polynuclear cells in the blood. Hemorrhages happen under the layers of the stomach, duodenum, colon, and bladder. Aggravation of the intestinal mucous layer, with discharge into the digestive tract of much mucous blended in with blood, is found in hounds. Widening of the lungs, because of the end of the bronchial cylinders and the ensuing endeavors to inhale, happens in certain creatures. In others, the difficulty creates in the liver or heart. These things are for the most part bits of proof of a significant physical issue to the organs and tissues of the body, the wounds to the most fundamental organs just having been considered.

Etiology: Serum affliction, serum harming, anaphylactic stun, anaphylactic response, hypersensitivity, protein-harming — these are largely terms for something very similar — follows the utilization of serums and immunizationsgiven to forestall or "fix" "illness." Mild types of protein harming are found in people who are "touchy" (sensitive to) specific proteins. One portion of the serum is frequently lethal. One portion renders the casualty increasingly "touchy" to ensuing dosages. All serum treatment is criminal just as vain.

Prognosis: Recovery is the standard; however, this may require an impressive time. Many are left with perpetual harms.

Care of the Patient: The best consideration is avoidance. The immunization and serum practice ought to be crushed until the end of time. In any case care for the survivor of this devotion and corporate greed as you would some other intense harming — fasting, rest, warmth — until every single intense indication has died down.
Definition: Acute or chronic poisoning by arsenic.

Symptoms: Nausea, retching, looseness of the bowels, skin ejections, or pigmentations, dry throat, edema of the eyelids, some of the time coryza, falling of the hair, loss of motion of the arms and legs with ataxia, decay, anddeadness, however little agony. The legs are generally influenced, causing steppage stride. Optic decay with a visual deficiency may likewise create. Notice how much this condition looks like the depictions given for "syphilis", of which arsenic is the most endorsed "cure."

Etiology: Acute harming is brought about by the ingestion of Paris green or rodent or creepy-crawly harming, as a rule with self-destructive purpose. Constant harming may result from the inward breath of arsenic from colors inthe backdrop, floor coverings, and so on., or by ingestion by mouth in taking care of colored paper, counterfeit blossoms, and so forth., by eating splashedproducts of the soil, or, and most usually, by taking rehashed dosages of the toxic substance as medication, as in alleged "syphilis."

Care of the Patient: First dispose of the wellspring of harming. Give a quickfor the end of the medication, or products of the soil diet will do likewise. Loss of motion ought to be thought about as portrayed in Vol. IV of this arrangement.
Definition: Dermatitis produced by the sap of poison ivy, poison oak, and various other species of rhus.

Symptoms: Intense itching and the formation of watery blisters (blebs) at the seat of poisoning are the chief symptoms.

Etiology: The dermatitis is delivered by ingestion into the skin of the harmful sap of the plant. A few people are curiously defenseless to harming while others are safe. Maybe numerous things help to comprise opposition orits absence — the surface of the skin, much or little toxemia, and the condition of nourishment are maybe included. As of late endeavors have been made to show that individuals "unfavorably susceptible" to ivy harming are experiencing nutrient C inadequacy. Since, in any case, nutrient C lack may mean numerous things, this is not really a clarification of powerlessness. It is asserted that an eating regimen wealthy in citrus products of the soil juices forestall skin inconveniences of an "unfavorably susceptible nature." This is in accordance with my own understanding: the main thing I have discovered that seems to hurry recuperation is an eating routine of squeezed orange.

Prognosis: Recovery occurs in all cases.

Care of the Patient: Cleanliness, scratching; and a diet of orange juice are all that are required.
Definition: Plumbism or saturnism, as this is called, is poisoning by absorption of lead. It may be either acute or chronic.

Symptoms: Acute: In the acute form the symptoms — rapidly progressing anemia, with acute neuritis, epilepsy, convulsions, or delirium or with severe gastro-intestinal symptoms — develop rapidly from continued contact with lead. Painter's colic is a familiar example of the acute type.

Chronic: In interminable cases, the central side effects are frailty, a blue-dark line of lead sulfide (lead line) in the gums close to the teeth; colic went before and joined by persistent obstruction and looking like serious intestinalcolic, regularly spewing; cerebral side effects, for example, panic, seizures, insanity with pipedreams, epilepsy, and optic neuritis; loss of motion which may include practically any piece of the body; and, usually solidifying of the veins, ceaseless irritation of the kidneys and gout.

Etiology: Lead may be swallowed in food and drink or absorbed through the skin and lungs. Lead smelters and grinders, painters, glazers, and plumbers who fail to wash their hands before eating may take it in with their food. It is ingested in drinking water, cider, etc., in new lead pipes, or absorbed from hair dyes and cosmetics.

Care of the Patient: It is first essential to remove the patient from contact with his or her source of poisoning. Thereafter, until the most pronounced symptoms have subsided, a diet of lemon juice or lemon juice and orange juice should be fed. A fruit and vegetable diet and exercise are essential afterthe lead has been eliminated.
ALCOHOLISM (Inebriety)
Definition: Alcoholic poisoning may be either acute or chronic.

Symptoms: Intense alcoholic harming is because of taking enormous amounts of liquor. Its manifestations are flushing of the face, mental fervor, expanded heartbeat, and breath; at that point indiscernible discourse, daze, enlarged understudies, loss of strong coordination, odd temperature, spewing, and, at long last, daze and unconsciousness. Not rarely the trance state is hindered by convulsive seizures. Much of the time, if the portion has not been excessively huge, recuperation follows in a day or two. At times demise results. After recuperation, there is generally an absence of craving for a few days.

Interminable Alcoholism is portrayed by upset rest, mental hindrance, fine tremors, redness of the nose, infusion of the eyes, and gastrointestinal catarrh. On the off chance that since a long time ago proceeded with the utilization of liquor brings about degenerative and cirrhotic (solidifying) changes in the heart, veins, liver, kidneys, mind, and line. A typical aftereffect of ceaseless liquor abuse is insanity tremens. This is typically energized by brief utilization of not used to measures of liquor, by injury or by some "intercurrent sickness," particularly pneumonia. It is portrayed by extraordinary mental fervor, a sleeping disorder, confused discourse, tremors, scattered astuteness, and alarming mind flights of sight or hearing, the notorious "snakes in the boots" and "pink elephants on the divider." There are quick, weak heartbeat, anorexia, blockage, and slight fever. In "great" cases, recovery starts in a couple of days, however much of the time side effects of the "typhoid state", create and the patient sinks into a semi-extreme lethargies enduring a few days or even weeks ("Wet mind").

Sequelae: Most prominent among the many sequels of chronic alcoholism are pneumonia, chronic meningitis, cirrhosis of the liver, arteriosclerosis, multiple neuritides, amblyopia, (dimness of vision), epilepsy, dementia, and cancer of the throat or stomach.

Etiology: Ignorance, weakness, low mentality, and the use of alcohol as medicine are the chief causes of the alcohol habit. Its use is a "social" habit and few seem able to resist the "pull" of the crowd.

Prognosis: Dr. Cabot says, "it is not much torture to stop alcoholism, and when we once have stopped, it is comparatively easy to go back to it." Perhaps the influence of friends, or the nagging of a wife, or the weakness that makes us afraid to face troubles plunges one back into the foul embraceof this product of fermentation.
Definition: Chronic morphinism is poisoning due to the habitual use of opium and its derivatives — morphine, heroin.

Symptoms: Upset rest, mental sadness, fractiousness, tremors, a trademarkpenchant for lying and misdirecting, loss of fragile living creature and quality,sickliness an exceptional colorless composition, anorexia, unsettled assimilation, inclination to the runs, and an "overwhelming needing" for the medication, are the main side effects of the ongoing utilization of opium. The"hankering" is most likely close to a craving to encounter help from the enduring felt when the nerves are not, at this point under its opiate impact.

Etiology: that 80% of the individuals of this nation who have procured the morphine propensity have gained it from specialists, that is, as a result of medications given them by doctors. Dr. Richard Cabot, says in his Handbook of Medicine that "a significant part of the staying 20% are specialists themselves. The calling which figures most variously in the rundown of occupations of the individuals who get morphinism is the clinical calling." A large number of medication addicts can follow their dependence on the utilization of remedies to diminish them of cerebral pain or "apprehension" orrestlessness. Morphine given for quite a while after, an activity may construct compulsion. All other people who encourage the medication propensity are limited by state and government specialists and, when gotten,are seriously rebuffed. Why make a special case of the doctor?

Prognosis: Doctor Cabot says, "with morphine it is torture to stop and comparatively easy to stay 'stopped'." In truth only those of sound stamina of character and an interest in life to hold them away from the drug, stay stopped. Prostitutes, criminals and degenerates commonly return to the drug.
Definition: This is the term applied to nicotine (tobacco) poisoning. It may be both acute or chronic.No space will be devoted to a description of the symptoms of acute and chronic nicotine poisoning at this place for the reasons that they are very generally known and we have discussed them elsewhere in these volumes, especially in Vol. VI.

Care of the Patient: Treatable instances of enslavement can get well without dope and they can't be relieved with it. "Relieving" dope propensitieswith more dope is a colossal voodoo program. All toxic substance propensities are to be thought about the same. The tea and espresso propensity (caffein propensity) and all other medication propensities hold their casualties by the enduring they cause. Inasmuch as they are utilized they keep on causing languishing. In this manner, the first thing fundamentalin quite a while is the sudden and complete withdrawal of the toxin. No "tightening" procedure will succeed and no achievement can go to the push to substitute one toxin propensity for another. Dr. Dewey was the first to utilize fasting in liquor abuse. His prosperity is portrayed in his little book regarding the matter. The quick is similarly as compelling in nicotinism, morphinism, and all other toxin propensities.

The accompanying from Dr. Weger is direct: "Before 1923, we had the benefit of managing the treatment of eight or ten liquor and medication addicts of the most affirmed type. Food was retained. The responses during the main seven day stretch of fasting were when in doubt brutal. Hot showers were the main estimates utilized for unwinding. In around multi-week, the psychological state cleared adequately to allow the patients to understand their condition and coordinate effectively from that point. In four or five weeks they were clearly ordinary however definitely alive to the experience they had quite recently experienced. No detestable impacts followed and all appeared to be upbeat and appreciative. The craving for liquor or medications didn't return and incredible reports of permanency were gotten from around one-portion of these cases quite a while after treatment. Such lasting fixes are the special case as opposed to the standard in cases rewarded by the steady withdrawal of the alcohol or medicate or by subbing palliative medications throughout treatment."
Definition: Called also heat exhaustion, insolation, sunstroke, siriasis, and thermic fever, heatstroke is a profound enervation (shock) due to prolonged exposure to high temperature. Two forms are recognized as follow:Heat Exhaustion is caused by continued exposure to high temperatures, either natural or artificial while working hard.

Symptoms: These are prostration with cool skin, the temperature often subnormal, pulse small and frequent, sometimes restlessness and delirium.

Prognosis: This is usually favorable.

Sunstroke (thermic fever): is caused by severe exertion while exposed directly to the sun or too high temperature.

Symptoms: In serious cases, were presented to extreme warmth as in constrained walks, the casualty falls oblivious and passing follows immediately or following a couple of long stretches of unconsciousness with troublesome breathing and heart shortcoming. In standard cases, there might be an unexpected capture of sweat, portentous migraine, unsteadiness, now and again sickness and regurgitating, shaded or vague vision, at that point obviousness, which might be impermanent or expanded to profound extreme lethargies. The face is flushed, skin dry and hot, understudies incidentally widened, at that point for the most part incredibly contracted, strong unwinding, now and again solid fits or spasms, temperature ascends to 107 to 110 or higher, the beat is continuous and full,breath is profound and worked, or stertorous. In deadly cases the extreme lethargies extend, the beat gets a visit and weak, breath quick, unpredictable and shallow, or of Cheyne-Stokes type, and demise follows in twenty-four to thirty-six hours. In different cases awareness restores, the temperature falls, heartbeat and breath become ordinary and recuperation is finished or with sequelae.

Sequelae: The victim may recover predisposed to subsequent "strokes" or suffer from physical weakness, impaired memory or power of mental concentration, or headache and mental disturbance whenever the weather iswarm.

Tilden says: "Various disorders may persist after recovery from heat-stroke; namely, neuralgia, headache, and sometimes strange ideas or notions. These troubles, however, result as much from wrong daily life as from the previous sickness; indeed, such cases can be cured of these relics of former sickness if the patient will follow the proper style of living.

Etiology: It is appropriate to consider the cause of heat-stroke and sunstroke together, for they are practically identical. Lowered vitality, fatigue, and alcoholism are important predisposing factors. Excess water drinking and overeating also predispose. The excessive heat exhausts the nervous system and disturbs the heat-regulating centers of the vasomotor centers of the brain. Certain types, like blondes and redheads, offer less resistance to the sun's rays.
The deaths from heatstroke recorded every summer over most of the country, especially in the cities, occur chiefly among those who are dissipated. It is doubtful if any succumb who are not toxic. In fact, heat prostrations are confined almost entirely to those who gormandize in hot weather. Over-eating, eating much sugar, and taking considerable quantities of salt and the use of alcohol are man's greatest enemies in hot weather.Salt eating causes an excessive intake of water and this causes excessive perspiration. Those who eat and drink normally do not perspire excessively. Arelaxed and wet surface of the body has indigestion, caused by imprudent eating, behind it.There is no danger of being overheated or sun-struck when eating is what it should be. Nature guides her wild creatures to eat lots of grass, fresh herbs, and juicy fruits in summer — man continues to eat concentrated foods. People who overeat on such foods are made very uncomfortable, their bodiesare greatly overworked by the excess of food and water, and these are the. ones who meet with prostration and sunstroke.

Oswald says: "Sun-strokes can be hindered by straightforward and economical insurance — brief restraint from creature food. A refrigerating eating regimen (vegetables, natural product, and so on.) balances the impactof high climatic temperature, however, the caloric impact of meat and fat, joined with the sun based beat and real effort, conquer the natural intensity of opposition, the pyretic blood-changes produce a blockage of the cerebrumand now and again moment demise. I adventure the attestation that in nineteen out of twenty instances of out cold sun-stroke it will be discovered that the casualties were people who had gone to work in the blistering sun after a dinner of oily viands. One to two P.M. is the sun-stroke hour." — Physical Education, p. 112.

Prognosis: There is high mortality in extreme cases, especially in alcoholics.Sequelae are common.

Care of the Patient: Dr. Weger says "a couple of instances of warmth fatigue rewarded have made brisk recuperation after complete rest, normal nursing care and limited eating regimen." It is our assessment that a significant number of the passings from heatstroke and sunstroke are because of ice-water washing, ice-top to the head, heart "energizers," dying, ice-water purifications and other distraught top undertakings to "continue" and fix the patient. Rest and response are inconceivable under such treatment. It adds up to rewarding stun with stun.