Dr. Bass is one of a long line of doctors/teachers in the best drugless tradition that started in the 1830's with Dr. Jennings in USA. - He initiated using Natural Hygiene & Orthopathy with modern insulin theory.

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How is diabetes cured without drugs?
Can diabetes be healed without medical drugs, without alternative drugs of any kind - instead only using diet and sleep?
This page combines two no-drugs dietary healing methods:
  • century-old Natural Hygiene (Orthopathy, Science of Health) methods
  • newer research about the insulin mechanism (typically used in ketogenic, low-carb, hunter-gatherer, Atkins, sugar-buster methods).
    Yes, it is possible to reverse diabetes without drugs or medicines, it has been done many times.

    Why bother to learn about drug-free healing? Here are a couple of reasons:
    Perhaps you don't have health insurance, and are looking for an alternative reliable & low-cost diabetes recovery method?
    Perhaps standard methods (like drugs, surgery) have not been able to reverse your diabetes, that instead has become worse?
    Perhaps you have other diseases except diabetes that you want to heal at the same time?
    Perhaps you are afraid of damage from drugs or surgery? And want a mild, natural method?


    Is there always hope of recovery?
    Tha answer is yes - no matter what specialists and doctors have told you: "The recuperative power of the human body from illness to health can only be described as little short of amazing." "As long as there is still breath in the body and the will to live, there is always hope... there will always be hope"
    The quotes are from this free booklet: REMARKABLE RECOVERIES FROM SEVERE HEALTH PROBLEMS - download and read it for examples and inspiration.
    The phrase "it is hopeless" might be translated: "it is hopeless if you depend on drugs"

    How is diabetes cured?
    After reading this article you may start thinking differently about diseases - a paradigm shift for most ...
    Read How Diseases are Cured by Herbert M. Shelton
    "What does the average individual know about keeping well? Almost nothing. ----- The people and their doctors are all in the same boat together with a blind man at the helm."

    Also read Dr. Shelton's analysis of diabetes here (in a list of diseases with analysis and treatments).
    Recovery depends upon the amount of functioning tissue left in the pancreas. Fortunately, the pancreas, like all other organs of the body, possesses a great excess of functioning power ....

    MUST-READ: Read this classic book: "Dr. Bernstein's Diabetes Solution"
    Dr. Bernstein had Type I diabetes, and when no doctor could help him started studying his own insulin mechanism, and found a way to use nutrition and exercise to reverse his diabetes symptoms. Must-read for diabetics, type I or II.
    Visit Dr. Bernstein's website for free excerpts: http://www.diabetes-book.com/.
    (Note: the Bernstein diet can be improved by adding more raw foods, as Natural Hygiene recommends, while still keeping the diet optimally low-carb.)

    Read more ....

    What is the cause of diabetes?
    Read:  How Important is Diagnosis? - by Dr. Stanley Bass, explaining the 3 factors of disease - namely enervation, toxemia, deficiency.
    Except for mechanical damage and accidents these are the only disease causes.
    Of these toxemia is the most common cause - and the cure is called detoxification.
    Here are the good news: every person has a built-in system for automatic detoxification:
    "Even if a person has a baffling, rare disease and the diagnosis is unknown, if he or she eats properly or fasts if necessary, the body will surely heal itself, as long as sufficient vitality is present."

    For diabetics sugar and many carbohydrate foods are the major toxins and must be avoided during the healing phase.
    Diabetics should learn about the insulin mechanism - read these articles: Drs. Eades and Dr. Rosedale.

    How can lack of energy (or enervation) be a cause of diabetes?
    Read the same article: How Important is Diagnosis? - about lack of energy as disease cause - about the enervation-toxemia cycle:
    "Enervation leads to a reduction of the body's ability to digest, absorb, assimilate and excrete body wastes - thus leading to a retention of wastes in the cells and tissues and thereby causing disease."
    So it is a destructive circle: enervation increases the toxemia (poisoning) - and toxemia in turn does increase the enervation (lack of energy).

    How long time does it take to get well from diabetes?
    Read:  The Time-Factor in Recovery by Dr. Herbert Shelton- "Quick relief, even if only temporary, is what is so generally demanded. This produces an aftermath of troubles that are often worse than the troubles they are given to relieve."

    What is the major factor behind recovery from diabetes?
    ENERGY!! You will recover from diabetes if (and only if) your body has enough energy and vitality to detoxify.
    Read: Energy - How Acquired and Lost in the Body - about how eating is connected to immediate loss of energy - and the 4 points for getting more energy (mainly correct eating, and enough sleep).
    Read: New Concepts in Nutrition where Dr. Bass explains the energy concepts in more detail - giving a summary of nutritional knowledge accumulated over a lifetime

    How is your energy level?
    QUESTION: Are you depressed or happy? Do you have low energy or lots of energy? Do you need to "re-charge your batteries"?
    Read: The Relation Between Energy And Feeling And Thought - for more about how energy is acquired and lost, and about how feelings are directly connected to the amount of energy in the body.
    TIP: To stop energy drainage due to tension & worry - learn Emotional Freedom Technique EFT from www.emofree.com (free manual) - an ingenious do-it-yourself acu-tapping method.

    How can good eating techniques help charge body batteries?
    Read about methods to save energy:
  • Food combining - Sequential Eating
  • Minimal Diet - example Luigi Cornaro
  • New Concepts in Nutrition, Health and Rapid Healing of Illness - how juicing and blending saves digestion energy

    Since diabetes recovery and detoxification takes time - don't I need a lot of willpower?
    Try to get inspired in the beginning - and then stick to the new lifestyle long enough to see results, and get inspired again.
    Read: The Causes of Addiction to Habits - "Whenever we change a long-standing habit, a new pattern is at first unpleasant. After short time it becomes tolerable. After we become accustomed to it, it becomes enjoyable."
    Read: How to Overcome Temptation Instantaneously - "He who accepts only the right thoughts - he who discriminatingly chooses the thoughts which are conducive to his highest physical, emotional and mental wellbeing will perform the right actions at all times."

  • Alternative diabetes therapy - Nutrition, fasting and detoxification for diabetes - Alternative ideas to cure diabetes naturally - Why do some get diabetes, what is the cause?
    at www.naturalhygienesociety.org

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